Potential borrowers complete our online form. We filter our database of lenders to match eligibility criteria. We send an enquiry to every matched lender and the lender responds to confirm interest and indicate the terms and conditions. All lenders have a different application process and you will establish a directly relationship with the lenders of your choice.

Our goal is to work with all lenders who actively lend to non-UK residents for financing UK property. This is a lofty goal, as there are lenders from all over the world - we already work with some of the biggest known names and we are increasing the number of lenders we work with on a weekly basis - we welcome any new lenders to our platform.

Because the lenders we work with all have different application processes and requirements, it’s not yet possible to make a full application online, although we’re working on it! Our application form gathers enough information for our platform to find you potential matches with lenders and banks, who contact you direct. This saves you time and effort, while providing the bank or lender with the relevant information about you and your requirements.

It's free to enquire and receive indicative terms and there is no cost unless you decide to move forward with the mortgage. The application process is covered by a fee of £499 and an additional arrangement fee maybe required although we try to take this from the mortgage provider where possible as some mortgage providers will not pay fees to intermediaries.

Some of our lenders pay commission for successful introductions. Others don’t, but we do not allow this to interfere with our process and we do not discriminate between lenders. Our aim is to get you the best mortgage match for your situation, regardless of the provider.

Our website is currently only available in English but we have plans for other language versions in the future. That being said, some lenders provide services to non-English speakers and you will be able to address directly with them.

Yes. Our vision is to create a transparent marketplace for all. Brokers use our platform to make enquiries on behalf of their clients. Inevitably those brokers may try to establish direct relationships with the lenders on our database, but will find it difficult to replicate our coverage and relationships.

Some lenders have a complex array of mortgage products. The terms and conditions of the products can vary for each applicant and thus we do not want to mislead anyone or create false expectations. You can rest assured that the lenders will present you with the best terms they can consider based on your profile and requirements.