Who We Are

Xinecto connects You to potential lenders by matching your application information against lenders eligibility criteria, ensuring you speak to only those lenders relevant to your needs.

The market for UK property financing is complex, especially for investors who are resident outside of the UK. There is a poor understanding of which banks and non-bank lenders are active in this niche market and even less understanding of their eligibility criteria.

The inefficiency of the market results in investors overpaying for finance. The mortgage application process is cumbersome and can take many stressful months to complete. The experience means investors seldom review and refinance mortgage facilities for more favourable terms.

Xinecto's mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to the UK mortgage market for non-UK residents. We aim to do this by providing a digital platform that broadens a borrowers accessibility to willing lenders.

Our History

Xinecto was founded by a trio of professionals within the offshore financial community in Jersey. With a shared enthusiasm and track record in digital transformation, Xinecto was a product of personal frustration and a drive to automate through the use of today’s technology.

In pursuit of purchasing an investment property in the mainland UK, researching the financing options was virtually impossible. Existing Mortgage brokers were limited in their financing options for non UK residents and the idea of completing multiple application forms with the same information and no real clarity on eligibility left us scratching our heads on a narrow choice of facility.

We started speaking to associates in other jurisdictions and quickly found that the UK mortgage research and application process for residents of other countries was even more limited, overcomplicated and cumbersome. We started exploring lending options available in these jurisdictions…

…Xinecto was born to stop the madness and to bring more transparency and efficiency to the UK mortgage market for non-UK residents.

The Team

Jake, Julian and Tobes built Xinecto to fill an ineffective process for UK Non-resident investors in UK property - over 40 years in Offshore Finance, 25 years in technology and a lifelong interest in digital - the founding team want to bring awesome products to underserved clients in niche markets.

Jake Willis


Digital Automation is Jakes bag. 20 years in Finance, Operational Risk and Operational Digitisation have helped him to forge a space in the Offshore Finance industry occupied by very few, advising Banking clients on Digital Automation to improve risk controls, operational efficiency and ultimately client experience.

Julian Gums


Julian brings invaluable fintech experience with him, having delivered numerous big tech projects over the past 10 years. Leveraging off of his expertise in artificial intelligence and cyber security he is always eager to create the best experience and find the right provider with cutting-edge machine learning technology.

Toby Sawyer


Tobes has worked in Offshore Finance for over 20 years across some of the largest Banks and Trust companies. Always driven to optimise process efficiency and client experience Xinecto provided an opportunity to fill an ineffective channel for non-resident banking clients with something fit-for-purpose in the digital age.